Saturday, 31 December 2011

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In previous posts I pondered why the sudden rush to get babies and Ipads together. Was it a HAL inspired conspiracy? Was Skynet behind it? Did babies with Ipad's envy other babies with Ipad2's or the infamous tablets and Udraw software.

I think I found the answer in the video below.

Much is being made about a flippant comment that led to a donation of an Ipad to a zoo for the gorillas to use. Apparently the gorillas poo-poo'd the idea (figuratively not literally) however the orang-outangs went "ape" for them.

I was watching the enthusiastic primates trying to obtain as much joy as possible with fingers stuck through the cage (they can't hold the Ipad because they may crush it - Woo Hoo!) when the thought occurred to me if they enjoy painting so much why don't the keepers set up some canvasses, edible paints, and an assortment of brushes and let them exercise those creative urges.

The answer is the same for primate or child - convenience for the caregiver. You have to set up the easel, mix the paints, get the crayons, chalk, or pencils, change the paper, make sure they have a smock/old shirt on, don't get dirty, clean up the area, pay attention to what the artist is doing -so exhausting!

Ironically when you do bother to set up the easel for the Gorillas (or children) their creativity is boundless (unless curtailed by product orientated environments).

This is Koko who can communicate through sign language and is a consummate abstract artist at the Florida Zoo. Click on Koko to see examples of her art work and learn more about her. Notice anything about her pictures?
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