Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Selling U crap you just don't need

 Hot off the block and already they're already less than half price.

I was drawn to this advertisement in a local electronics catalogue the same way that you stare at an accident as you drive past. You know that it would be better if you didn't see it and remember all that mayhem, carnage but you just can't stop looking at that pointless, useless destruction. In the case of the latest electronic hit from the big three, the pointless, useless destruction of simplicity.

Sony tells me that by buying this peripheral (and the associated UDRAW software and hardware) my "creativity (will) soar to new heights as you discover a world of imagination and learning."

Nintendo suggests that "Once you’ve created your perfect picture, and perhaps applied one of more than 15 post-processing effects to turn it black and white, sepia or neon, there’s still fun to be had. For starters, via the replay function, you can enjoy watching your images unfold again 2x or 4x faster than you originally conjured them up." Oh, please no stop, will the fun ever end. 

Finally the Xbox equivalent promises that the UDRAW drawing software and games are, "innovative features that (will) allow kids to express themselves and bring their imaginations to life".


Just in case you cannot afford these nifty new electronic geegaws consider the time honoured alternatives:
UPaper, Upencils, Ucrayons, UChalk, Upaint and Ubloody impressive.


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